Gilly's Good Again

"Brad [Gillingham] won his 5th USAPL National Title and will be heading back to the IPF Worlds," Rick Fowler reported.

"In a close battle with St. Louisan Jeff Lewis, it came down to the final deadlift," said Fowler. "Earlier in the day, Jeff had squatted a 931, but missed it on what many thought was a questionable depth call."

"Come time for the third attempt deadlifts, Brad needed an 837 to tie Lewis and win on a bodyweight decision. With a standing room-only crowd going wild, he pulled it and did not disappoint. It capped off our 25th Mens Nationals in the most dramatic fashion."

Fowler also reported that, "USA Powerlifting voted to include a Raw National Championships next year. The division will be defined as allowing a belt, wrist wraps, a singlet and optional neoprene knee sleeves. We are very excited about this retro Nationals and expect the turnout for this old school way of lifting to be big.

"The location of the 1st Annual Raw Nationals? St. Louis, where else . . . ."

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