Gillingham Grip Gauntlet on Muscle Beach this Weekend

IronMind® will be sponsoring the Gillingham Grip Gauntlet at the IFSA Battle of Muscle Beach this Saturday.

The format will be the same as was introduced by Wade Gillingham at the GNC booth at the Arnold Expo earlier this year: Anyone can try, and all you have to do to claim a $100 IronMind® gift certificate is close a No. 3 Captains of Crush® gripper, lift a Blob, and haul up a Rolling Thunder® loaded with approximately 212.5 pounds of plates.

In 1991 IronMind® began promoting the idea that grip strength includes 1) crushing, 2) pinching and 3) supporting strength, and the Gillingham Grip Gauntlet gives you a way to prove you have it at the benchmark level in each of these primary facets of hand strength.

Besides facing off against that challenge, hand strength afficionados can also take a shot at breaking the Rolling Thunder® world record (267 pounds), or win the IronMind® 300 Pound-$300 Challenge by becoming the first person to lift 300 pounds (total weight) on the Rolling Thunder® this year (earning you a $300 IronMind® gift certificate).

The grip events will run alongside the strongman contest throughout the day, so you can catch all the action on Muscle Beach, demonstrate your vise-like grip, and take home a fat gift certificate at the same time. There are no guarantees, but Odd Haugen and Phil Pfister, both of who are among the world's best on the Rolling Thunder®, might be coaxed into taking an attempt or two after the strongman event, and given the neighborhood, you never know whether a walk-on wonder might show up on Saturday and rewrite the record book.

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