Galabin Boevski Bombs, Zhang Gets Gold

Warsaw, Poland – Chufu Chen (CHN), Gouzheng Zhang (CHN), and Youssef Sbai (TUN) led the men's 69-kg category after the snatch at the World Weightlifting Championships, and they never looked back.

The snatching featured many close attempt, many misses and when the dust settled, Chen had the gold at 157.5, Zhang was the silver medalist with 155, and Sbai got the bronze, on bodyweight, with 152.5 kg. Defending world champion Galabin Boevski (BUL) was in sixth place, with 150 kg.

Few people had ruled out Boevski at this point, despite his only making one snatch, but 187.5 kg was just beyond him tonight in the clean and jerk, and he missed it three times.

Meanwhile, Zhang came back after missing 192.5 on his second attempt to make it, with a dramatic squat jerk, on his third — for the gold in the jerk and total.  Chen had jerked 187.5 for the silver in the jerk and total. Mohamed Tantawy (EGY) got the bronze medal in the jerk, with 187.5 kg, and Sbai's 182.5 kg jerk was enough to give him the bronze medal in the total.

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