GNC Grip Gauntlet: Wade Gillingham Dazzles Them Again

With around 1,000 people trying their hand at the GNC Grip Gauntlet at the Mr. Olympia this weekend, only one guy succeeded: Wade Gillingham.

The day before the show, a near disaster was avoided when it was discovered that Wade's Blob had been lost, and IronMind® got the urgent call asking if we could get a replacement down there the next day. With thanks to Richard Sorin for having originally given yours truly a Blob about ten years ago, and to FedEx for once again delivering something that positively had to be there on time, the show was able to go on.

Richard had written "What man can lift me" on the Blob he gave me, and this weekend, there was only one - Wade Gillingham - although a couple of guys cracked it off the ground. Wade said that maybe eight guys lifted the Rolling Thunder® loaded to 212 pounds, and nobody managed to close the No. 3 Captains of Crush® gripper.

So how did Wade do? He started each day by doing the full GNC Grip Gauntlet, and estimates that he lifted the Blob about 50 times over the weekend.

Wade said this one was different from the one he usually lifts: "It felt strong off the floor, but then wanted to slip." Wade said that Richard Sorin had previously stated that not all Blobs are identical, and while we can think of excellent reasons why this could well be the case, the bottom line is that Wade and Richard can probably lift any Blob and most people won't lift any Blob.

Appetite whetted? Want to try to your hand at this? Start training now and give the GNC Grip Gauntlet a shot at the FitExpo in Pasadena, California next February.

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