GNC Grip Gauntlet

It was GNC Grip Gauntlet time at the Mr. Olympia contest this weekend and ace grip guy Wade Gillingham, who runs and is the grandmaster of this leading grip event, filed this report for IronMind®.

"This past weekend the GNC Booth at the two-day Mr. Olympia expo saw Darryl Lattimore and Cassius Ware add their names to the select list of athletes who have completed all three elements of the GNC Grip Gauntlet in it's 'light' format: a new IronMind® No. 2 Captains of Crush® Gripper, a Rolling Thunder with 187 pounds total weight, and the infamous 50-pound Blob, made up the Grip Gauntlet. The number of competitors was estimated to be 700-1,000. Ten other athletes completed two of the three challenges, including the legendary arm wrestler John Brzenk, who toyed with the Rolling Thunder and No. 2 CoC Gripper before being stopped by the Blob.  Previous Grip Gauntlet winner, Duke Holtzclaw, stopped by on both days to hoist the Blob and walk through the other two challenges with extreme confidence."

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