Functional Strength Seminar: Pfister, Brookfield, Bellomo

If you're looking for a seminar that emphasizes functional strength, that spotlights one of the most popular competitorss on the professional strongman circuit, as well as a guy who has been a key reason for the current surge in grip strength and steel bending, and incorporates kettlebells to boot, plan to be at Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) on April 3 because you'll have a chance to meet and learn from Phil Pfister and John Brookfield.

"We will entertain, motivate and give them functional tools to bring back to their chosen battlefield," grip and bending ace John Brookfield said, describing the seminar led by him, World's Strongest Man competitor Phil Pfister and Max Kettlebells founder David Bellomo. Email David Bellomo for more details: of Strength Inquiry or call him at (570) 321-5339.

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