From Soup To Nuts: IFSA Aims for a Spectacular Worlds

Based on photos and our firsthand familiarity with the man behind the designs, IronMind® was so impressed with the Jamie Reeves-designed IFSA equipment that we immediately dubbed it "stunning," and now it's apparent that the Jamie Reeves Signature Equipment is not just another pretty face.

Fresh back from Brazil, where he qualified for the upcoming IFSA World Championships, Karl Gillingham said, "It's the best equipment I've ever used . . . top notch."

Crafted of stainless steel, this strongman equipment will be in use in Quebec - adding to the presence of each event, in a contest that IFSA CEO Jussi Laurimaa described as, "The climax of the 2005 Strongman season."

"Never before have we been able to announce an undisputed World Champion in Strongman," Laurimaa said, "using a system where only unbiased athletic performance counts at every level of the pyramid."

"And as a show," he added, "it will be a spectacle unlike anything seen before."

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