Fortissimus and IFSA

Paul Ohl, chairman of the Fortissimus steering committee, continues to develop the idea of an all-inclusive strongman contest and in addition to working closely with World's Strongest Man competitors, Ohl expressly said, "We do wish for a close and productive cooperation with IFSA."

Ohl's statement included the following points for clarification:

"1. FORTISSIMUS 2008 will invite strength athletes on a basis of merit alone.

2. The invited strength athletes will not officially represent their affiliated organization. They will be introduced by name, nationality and track record.

3. FORTISSIMUS 2008 will NOT get into any deal involving the selection of events and/or the usage of implements belonging to any organization.

4. FORTISSIMUS 2008 will lead and manage its own marketing, publicity and press relations.

5. FORTISSIMUS's code of ethics, with regards to strongman ultimate challenge, strongly values the roots of strength athletics symbolized by the memory of Louis Cyr. We wish that to be acknowledged."

Stay tuned for more developments.

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