Fortissimus: Top Strongmen Praise the Events

"I like them," Derek Poundstone said about the just-announced Fortissimus 2009 events. "They turned it up a notch from last year."

Poundstone, who won Fortissimus 2008, was barely edged out of the 2008 World's Strongest Man title on the last event, and then roared back to win the 2009 Arnold Strongman competition, is ready to rumble and he likes the fact that Fortissimus is centered around heavy events.

"When it's lighter, there is always a little luck involved," Poundstone explained, especially when you are talking about handheld timing being pushed, perhaps, beyond the limits of human reaction times. Poundstone, who is high on the brute strength meter, is also very fit, but beyond that, he compares himself to Magnus Ver Magnusson, who was masterful at understanding events and how to get the most from his body in each of them.

As a case in point, Poundstone says that when he approached the 517-lb. stone last year, he had a precise plan for lifting it, and that is how he will attack this year's contest, too.

Also enthusiastic about the events is Travis Ortmayer, who told IronMind®, "I think that Fortissimus 2009 may just be the most brutal competition I have ever seen! For instance, the dumbbell press medley was completed by three of us last year (Derek, Zydrunas, and myself), so what do they do this year? They certainly didn't do the obvious thing and take the last implement off and replace it with a heavier one, no . . . they just ADD another, even heavier one! The first day is going to pulverize the back and the second will take away what little will be left of the legs."

And if you just want to cut to the chase, consider how Zydrunas Savickas assessed the mix: "Very good, heavy and interesting events."

Make your plans now - Fortissimus 2009 . . . "very good, heavy and interesting."

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