Fortissimus Statement on Derek Poundstone

Wasting no time before commenting on Derek Poundstone's announcement to compete in the WSMSS Mohegan Sun Grand Prix, Fortissimus has released an official statement, which follows.

"The Mohegan Sun Super Series' organizers made a great move for which they deserve to be congratulated. And Derek Poundstone made the right decision for the sport's sake. The 2007 America's Strongest Man will most certainly prove himself as a very serious contender to Mariusz Puzianowski's supremacy at WSM [World's Strongest Man]. And it will be for the benefit of strongman sport and the worldwide strength community.

Back in October 2007, FORTISSIMUS had Derek Poundstone on its premium list, although for some unexplained reason he was not even listed on IFSA's rankings.

FORTISSIMUS recognized then that Derek Poundstone had won the America's Strongest Man title by the widest margin ever since the beginning of that classic ten years ago. Poundstone almost made the podium at the 2007 IFSA Worlds. He nearly beat Zydrunas Savickas at the World Strongman Challenge. That same year, Poundstone proved himself as a record breaker strongman, both in overhead and stone lifting. That put him next to a selected few.

FORTISSIMUS has therefore rated Derek Poundstone amongst the top five strength athletes in the world and moving. The LOUIS CYR WORLD STRENGTH CHALLENGE (June 28-29) will be a definite test for Poundstone. The stage will be set for a very close encounter of the world's best. At stake is the Mightiest Athlete on the Planet's title."

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