Fortissimus: Revised and Final Event List

Following a review of input based on the first list of events, the Fortissimus steering committee has made a number of revisions and has issued what it officially described as the final event list.

Four-time World's Strongest Man winner Magnus Ver Magnusson was among the experts IronMind® interviewed shortly after the initial list was released and, interestingly, IronMind® learned that Magnus Ver had, himself, once done eight events in one day - it was in Finland, appropriately enough, and the result was that Magnus Ver was hospitalized and had to have three liters of fluids replaced before he was released. Nonetheless, Magnus Ver was balanced in his view, saying that things really only needed to be tweaked a little to be improved and that he could make some recommendations for an improved event schedule.

To the credit of Paul Ohl, Fortissimus seized this opportunity and much of the change you will note is due to the guiding hand of Magnus Ver Magnusson, who, in general, both streamlined the contest and made the events heavier.

Here is a summary of the revised and final list of events:

Day One:

1. Sigmarsson Wheels Deadlift: bar at 19 inches off the ground; 800 pounds (364 kg) for repetitions.
2. Overhead Power Medley: 275-pound (125-kg) "Louis Cyr long bar iron-cast barbell"; 2 x 150 pounds (68 kg) "Louis Cyr spherical dumbbells" simultaneous clean and press/push press; 370-pound (168-kg) log clean and press, push press or jerk; 350-pound (159-kg) Apollon Axle replica clean and press, push press or jerk; 308-pound (140-kg) Icelandic Stone clean and press/push press.
3. Yoke Race: run in pairs, 880 pounds (400 kg), 30 meters.
4. Louis Cyr Crucifix (2 x 45-pound/20.5-kg dumbbells) hold for time with best total time winning.
5. Pyramid of Strength (two rounds): Round one is Husafell stone replica (400 pounds/182 kg) carried 3 x 20 meters; and round two is loading three barrels with handles (400 pounds 182 kg, 425 pounds/193 kg, 450 pounds/205 kg), followed by power stairs with a 450-pound/205-kg and a 500-pound/227-kg weight up five stairs (15 inches high).

Day Two:

6. Monferrand Back Load-Carry: four sand bags (from 325 pounds/148 kg to 400 pounds/182 kg), 15 meters each.
7. Hip and Thigh Lift: starts at 1,000 pounds/455 kg "and will be increased up to ONE REP MAX."
8. Louis Cyr Power Walk: 325 pounds/148 kg spherical dumbbells out and 350 pound/160 kg spherical dumbbells back.
9. Louis Cyr One-Arm Press Challenge: right AND left arm, press or push press 150-pound/68-kg; "Louis Cyr Spherical Dumbbell;" and same thing with right OR left arm with 175 pounds/80 kg, 190 pounds/86.25 kg, 205 pounds/93 kg, and 215 pounds/98 kg.
10. Five Atlas Stones: 250 pounds/114 kg (carried on shoulder for five meters and then loaded), 275 pounds/125 kg (carried on shoulder three meters and then loaded), 300 pounds/136.5 kg (carried two meters on shoulder and then loaded), 325 pounds/148 kg, and 350 pounds/159 kg. This is followed by loading five natural stones: 350 pounds/159 kg, 375 pounds/170.5 kg, 400 pounds/182 kg, 450 pounds/205 kg, and 517 pounds/235 kg.

Putting the contest in perspective, Paul Ohl told IronMind®, "We are confident that we are out of any comfort zone, close to setting new standards, on the verge of defining the ultimate test and of bridging the gap between schools of thoughts, whoever they are."

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