Fortissimus Replies

Magnus Ver Magnusson's comments on Fortissimus opened the door for a number of people to jump on his bandwagon, but, significantly, they were not echoed by IFSA managing director Christian Fennell, and they also inspired a formal reply from the Fortissimus Steering Committee, which follows.


We made due note of Magnus Ver Magnusson's opinions. And very respectfully so.

What is his main point? Equipment safety? Loads? Money?

When did a strongman contest ever put up such monies? What is the highest prize money offered by WSM/SS or IFSA Grand Prix? We ask Mr. Ver Magnusson to address that question.

Now, as far as equipments are concerned I would respectfully ask Mr. Ver Magnussen to review implements and safety alike over the past 20 years or so, that would include his years of winning WSMs. Would he claim absolute safety of all these equipments?

Let me reassure Mr. Ver Magnusson. Canada, mostly Quebec, is somewhat a cradle of strongmen. As was Iceland once upon a time. We have some interesting knowledge about equipment, biomechanics, strongman training, amongst other things. We also have sound background in the history of strength throughout the centuries, in particular in Scandinavia. And we would never put in jeopardy any competitor. As a matter of fact, the welfare and security of the strength athletes that will meet the challenge of FORTISSIMUS is and will remain our main concern.

Until such time as anyone from the strongman community will prove us wrong concerning the prize money we will proudly put our financial commitment where our mouth is. As for the equipment, we will do what has to be done given the concept of the competition, nothing less. And the testing will be according to standards.

Should FORTISSIMUS have been thought of a number of years ago, Magnus Ver Magnusson would have been our premium choice in challenging Louis Cyr's strength legacy. And to accomplish that he would surely hit the gym and other training grounds for some unprecedented grueling training sessions.

As an addendum, the Fortissimus Steering Committee, told IronMind®:

"The fact that the strongman community is divided in two camps is regretful, but it is a fact. And what was done about it by those who claim knowing it all? Nothing.

"FORTISSIMUS has already made clear that it will not discuss that issue. That being said, FORTISSIMUS took a step nobody else did over the past years. But FORTISSIMUS will not get tangled up in endless arguments about compromising or behind the scene low blows. There will be no such things as getting representatives of one or another group trying to play a wit game concerning events or equipment.

"FORTISSIMUS is a challenge for strength athletes not for politicians.'"

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