Fortissimus: Full Support for Mariusz Pudzianowski

"Our first thoughts are for Mariusz Pudzianowski," said Paul Ohl, speaking for the Fortissimus organizing committee in the wake of the top strongman's announcement that he is going in for surgery and will have to miss a number of contests as a result.

Ohl statement continued, "Given his attitude as a competitor and his love for strongman competition, we know how hard it is for him to miss FORTISSIMUS, and, for that matter, all other international contests. As for FORTISSIMUS 2008, we feel deeply for the champion he is, but first and foremost for the human being. As the well-being of the athlete, of any athlete, should be, and certainly is in our case, our main concern.

"Mariusz Pudzianowski was the first strength athlete to confirm officially his participation to FORTISSIMUS 2008. The support he gave us along with the members of TEAM PUDZIANOWSKI was immensely appreciated by our entire organization.

'Out of respect for Mariusz Pudzianowski, FORTISSIMUS 2008 has decided to leave Mariusz' competitor's spot vacant and thus seek no substitute."

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