Fortissimus Events Under Study

Zydrunas Savickas was not a happy camper when he learned about the events scheduled for Fortissimus, but IronMind® was told that the Fortissimus steering committee is re-evaluating things, so expect the possibility of some adjustments in the coming days.

IronMind® asked Zydrunas Savickas what he thought of the events and even before he had read them in detail, he expressed concern, reporting, ". . .weights is so light for this competitions. I receive a lot emails from fans and everybody say that is joke. I think organizers will put more weights in some events. Why invited best athletes if weights in events lighter then in Lithuanian Junior Championship . . . I think that it is not normal strongman events."

Continuing, after he had studied the events, Zydrunas Savickas told IronMind®, "It's more for strength endurance. In ten events not [any] events for maximum weight. Very lights weight in super yoke, Atlas stones, overhead lift and so so so light weight in power stairs (in Europe we use sometimes 350 kg), deadlift very high from ground. And most strange that in [some] events we have two different events . . . It's so for endurance."

Hardly ducking questions about the events or merely digging in, Paul Ohl summarized for IronMind® the extensive basis for developing the events as presented, pointing out what he felt was a clear precedent for the event list, including the examination of "the training log book of a prominent world-class strongman . . . So whoever thinks that FORTISSIMUS is way out, meaning tailor-made for one super athlete, needs to think it over twice."

As is Fortissimus, because Paul Ohl continued, "This said, we do intend to slightly review and, possibly, correct one or two things . . . And, lastly, we are consulting, first-hand, one of the greatest, bar none, in order to fine tune the list."

"We hope that this shows the immense respect we have for the world strength community, as we owe FORTISSIMUS to the strength athletes who honor us by their participating in it, firstly."

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