Fortissimus: A Parting of the Ways

No longer a private matter, the split between Fortissimus and Canada World Strength is now public record, with Paul Ohl presenting his side to the local press in Quebec.

Canada World Strength has not yet responded publicly, but it is expected to do so.
As IronMind® understands it:
1. Paul Ohl owns the name Fortissimus. 
2. Canada World Strength paid Paul Ohl a licensing fee for use of the name Fortissimus and hired him as a consultant.
3. The common goal was to put on the big strongman contest in Montmagny, Quebec. 
Disagreements arose over various matters, and the result now appears to be a parting of the ways: Paul Ohl leaves with the name (Fortissimus) and the knowledge that he gave the concept of a major strongman contest a concrete form, while Canada World Strength leaves owning the equipment and, apparently, a history of raising the money and developing the infrastructure that supported the contest. 

IronMind® has actively reported on this strongman contest since its earliest public mention in the strength world, and plans to follow the continuing developments.

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