Fortissimus 2009: Announcement of the Events

Fortissimus president Paul Ohl has released a statement explaining that the list of the events for this year's Fortissimus strongman contest will be released shortly after the Arnold.

"The entire set-up of the competition is ready and sealed. The events have been thoroughly reviewed in the light of last year's experience, taking into account the feedback from the athletes and the comments of experts in the field.

"FORTISSIMUS WORLD STRENGTH reminds the world strength community that what is at issue in 2009, is the title of the World Strongest Man on Earth. Consequently, the standards have been raised to unprecedented levels.

"Since a number of strength athletes on the starting list of 2009 FORTISSIMUS (at least seven ) will be competing at the 2009 ARNOLD STRONGMAN CLASSIC, we have chosen to delay the release of this year's official list of events to after the Arnold's competition. That will allow the competitors, the promoters and the fans to remain totally focused on the 2009 Arnold's and thus enjoy the full attention they rightfully deserve.

"FORTISSIMUS WORLD STRENGTH will therefore release its 2009 official list of events on Thursday, March 12, 2009, at 12:00 hrs ( Quèbec Time), considering that all European participants at the Arnold will be back in their home countries."

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