Forex Trend Cup 2012: WSF Ukraine

According to the WSF press release received by IronMind, the sixth stage of the WSF World Cup strongman competition, sponsored by Forex Trend, will be held in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine on July 15: “This will be the first international competition of this scale in Ukraine, conducted by the Ukrainian Strongmen Federation.”

The 2012 Forex Trend Cup brings the WSF to Ukraine, in partnership with the Urkrainian Strongman Federation.  IronMind® | Courtesy of WSF.
The 2012 Forex Trend Cup brings the WSF to Ukraine, in partnership with the Urkrainian Strongman Federation.  IronMind® | Courtesy of WSF.

Here are the events:

• Medley: Farmer's Walk (2 x 160 kg, 25 meters), Tire Flip (400 kg x 6 flips)
• Log Lift: 150 kg for reps
• Super Yoke: 410 kg, 25 meter
• Dumbbell: 95 kg for reps
• Manhood Stones: 185 kg  to a height of 135 cm
According to the WSF press release, "Vitaly Gerasimov (two-time winner of the World's Strongest Man <105 kg, (2009-2010), a representative of the Federation and the organizer of the competition, said, 'The idea of holding such a high level event occurred six months ago. Then the company Forex Trend helped organize the event in Lviv—stuffed arm, so to speak! Now go to the international arena!  Company Forex Trend supports Ukraine's strongmen all this year, in every way developing the kinds of non-Olympic sports in the Ukraine.  Referees [for the] tournament will be the legendary 4-times World Strongest Man Magnus ver Magnusson, World Strongest Man Vasil Virastyuk and Vladislav Redkin! So that's cheerful and entertaining way, we want to spur the Ukrainian youth to the sport! For Dnipropetrovsk this great event! Not every day is an opportunity to see world famous athletes! Thank you sponsors for their support and health of the nation!"
The press release continued, "Sergei Konyushok (Champion and World record holder, President of the Federation): 'It is good that support us! Federation is evolving and we promise that there will be many such tournaments! Lot of work ahead, but Ukraine is still regain the former glory of the most powerful nation!"
And finally, from WSF general maanger Vladislav Redkin, "Ukraine is our main partner in strongmen sport development. They have a lot of best athletes and  big posibilities for promote strongmen sport and strongmen —Virastyuk, Konyushok, Gerasimov, Lashyn are very popular in Ukraine. Will be very nice TV project!”
Here is the official start list:

• Richard van der Linden - The Netherlands
• Tarmo Mitt - Estonia
• Rolands Gulbis - Latvia
• Dmitry Nagorny - Russia
• Alexander Lashyn - Ukraine
• Ari Gunarsson - Iceland
• Alexander Pecanov - Ukraine
• Viktor Yurchenko – Ukraine

Please note: the correct start time for this event is 11:00, Alex Parkhomenko told IronMind.


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