Flying TVs? Jim Davis - St. Charles: Events and Prize Money

Jim Davis has just given IronMind® the prize money breakdown and the basic events for his 4th of July strongman contest in St. Charles, Missouri.

Financially, there will be no losers in this winning field of competitors because Jim Davis said that first place is US$4,000 and the prize money goes down US$100 per place, so that sixth place still earns US$3,500.

Event details are still being settled, but the basics are:

1. Trolley pull with a harness
2. Log press for reps
3. Farmer's walk
4. Stones
5. Deadlift for reps

The full details on events will be announced as they are finalized.

And for everyone who has ever considered taking his TV and throwing it for distance, we just want you to know that this is being considered as a more colorful alternative to the conventional throwing events you see in strongman. "Stay tuned," will never be the same in strongman again.

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