Flemming Rasmussen Wins in Dubai...

Flemming Rasmussen (Denmark) just won AFSA's "World Full Strength Challenge" in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Final places were: 1) Rasmussen 42 points, 2) Kiri 37-1/2 points, 3) Ollesch 30-1/2 points, 4) Lyndon 29 points, 5) Price 24-1/2 points, 6) Magnusson 24 points 7) Boyer 22-1/2 points.

AFSA president Manfred Hoeberl said, "We just got out of the arena. We couldn't get out, there were so many people there.  It was incredible.  I'm just worn out—to the bone. We had four hours of live TV coverage. It was unbelievable, people just going mad. I've never seen this before."

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