Five Americans Going to WSM

It's official: Five American competitors will be going to this year's World's Strongest Man (WSM) competition.

Original allocations had called for five Americans, then the number was revised downward to four, but it has now changed back to five and this is final said IFSA's Douglas Edmunds, Ph.D.

Two Americans Phil Pfister and Karl Gillingham have already qualified for this year's WSM event, by virtue of their performances at the 24-Hour Fitness "Beauty and the Beast" strongman competition.  Edmunds, who's seen them all, said he was "very impressed" with Karl Gillingham at the Beauty and the Beast. "Good athlete," he added. "His name's down on the list for World's Strongest Man.'" Edmunds also said, "Pfister is improving all the time.  I was impressed with Pfister the first time I saw him, and every time I see him, he looks bigger.  I think he's a sure-fire finalist this year."

Edmunds will be the referee at next month's American Hercules strongman competition, which will be the final qualifier for Americans who want to go to this year's World's Strongest Man competition, and "we're going to take the best three" from this contest, Edmunds said.  Edmunds explained that WSM selection decisions must be made earlier than usual this year because of the need for yellow fever inoculations.

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