FitExpo–Chicago Features Odd Haugen Strength Classic

Eric Roussin, the 2015 Canadian grip champion, will be competing in the grip leg of the Odd Haugen Strength Classic in Chicago this weekend. IronMind® | ©Randall J. Strossen photo

As a vital part of FitExpo Chicago, the 2015 Odd Haugen Strength Classic is coming to the Windy City this weekend.

“The 2015 Odd Haugen Strength Classic–Chicago will feature more than 70 athletes in strongman, grip and mas wrestling,” Haugen told IronMind.

“Top amateur strongmen will be competing for their coveted Pro Card and direct invites to the Arnold Amateur World Strongman Championships.  All-American Strongman Champion Martins Licis is competing in both grip and mas wrestling.  Canada is represented by Eric Roussin in grip, which will also feature and Kody Burns.”

Roussin is the reigning Candian grip strength champion and Burns, a former world record holder on the IronMind Little Big Horn, will be attempting to regain his world record and rumor has it that he might also be coming in prepared to put some heat on the CoC (Captains of Crush) Silver Bullet Hold world record, as well.

For full details on the 2015 Odd Haugen Strength Classic–Chicago, please follow these links for strongman, mas wrestling, and grip.


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