FitExpo Strongman: Day 1

Things are hot down in Pasadena, California, where Odd Haugen reported on the action from the first day in the FitExpo strongman competition.

". . . Three-way tie for first between David Ostlund, Jesse Marunde and Travis Ortmayer . . . David Ostlund winning the Subway Truck Pull and Mark Philippi winning the Super Yoke in impressive fashion. We just dodged the bullet, with the rain starting just as we finished the Truck Pull, and we all had a new experience carrying the +900-lb. yoke in the rain . . . Tomorrow [Saturday] we compete in Farmer's Medley, Giant Dumbbell Lift and a showdown in the Stones Of Strength!"

If you're in Southern California this weekend, be sure to swing by the FitExpo, in Pasadena, and enjoy the action live.

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