Finnish Open Grip Championships

Sakari Selkäinaho, of SS Power, is holding the 1st Finnish Open Grip Strength Championships in Lahti on October 3, at The Fitness EXPO, “Scandinavia’s biggest strength and fitness event,” he told IronMind®.

The Incredible Hulk has nothing on Finnish gripster Juha Harju.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Juha Harju.
The Incredible Hulk has nothing on Finnish gripster Juha Harju.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Juha Harju. 

“The competition has four events, the first two are qualifiers.  The promoter has picked up the most popular events with a lot of variety.  They test static, dynamic and most of all maximal grip strength on single and two-arm events,” explained the official press release. 

The events are the IronMind® Rolling Thunder®, the europinch, Captains of Crush® Grippers and the Apollon’s Axle deadlift.  “After the first two events, eight best go to finals.”

The winner gets an invitation to the Arnold Classic, and a “a one-year sponsorship from a fast-rising supplement company, ActivLab.  The top 3 get prize money and beautiful swords plus a team spot on our national or international team including a bronze level sponsorship.  We also host a challenge for women, any female competitor with significant grip strength can contact us,” Sakari said:

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Sakari Selkäinaho
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