Finnish Grip Championships/IronMind Crushed-To-Dust Challenge

Adding some additional luster to his overall victory at the Finnish Grip Nationals, Juha Harju also officially completed the Crushed-To-Dust!® Challenge and has been certified, along with Arto Joronen. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Juha Harju/GripMonsters

Juha Harju, the fireball of Finnish grip competitions, racked up his fifth national title and Ossi Kettunen won the novice class at the 2015 Finnish Grip Championships.

“Both contests were high level. I want to also mention that Arto Joronen and I both did well at IronMind Crushed-To-Dust!® Challenge, and Niko Eerola also pulled a huge new world record on David Horne's adjustable thick bar (130.79kg under 83kg weight class)," Harju reported to IronMind. For full results, please check GripMonsters.

And speaking of doing well on the Crushed-To-Dust!® Challenge, both Juha Harju and Aro Joronen have been certified, proving their all-around grip strength as they demonstrated their proficiency on the the Captains of Crush No. 2 gripper, the IronMind Hub and the Rolling Thunder.

Congratulations Juha and Arto, and many thanks to Juha Lehtimäki for refereeing!

Follow these links to the video of the 2015 Finnish Grip Championships:


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