Finland’s Strongest Man: The Next Generation

“In Finland´s Strongest we witnessed a rise of of newcomers as Hanna Meltoranta led the women’s competition from the start to finish and in the traditional Finland´s Strongest Man, Arto Niemi-Nikkola controlled the qualifications along with taking the title with a good points difference,” Jyrki Rantanen reported to IronMind.

If the winner gets an ice bath, what’s last place get?  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Heavy Events

"In the -105kg class Paavo Paaso was in tight lead after qualifications, but young Jiri Grönman edged him out in the finals.
The competitions were held at Teijo-Talot house factory and they are aired at YLE2 national channel along the summer," said Rantanen.

2014 Finland's Strongest: Results

1. Hanna Meltoranta 48
2. Niina Jumppanen 46
3. Anna Khudayarov 36,5
4. Leena Nurminen 28,5
5. Anniina Vaaranmaa 28
6. Jaana Tanner 26,5
7. Sonja Ekdahl 25,5
8. Sini Haapalainen 18,5
9. Ida Pohjalehto 12,5

Men -105 (top 6/13)
1. Jiri Grönman 157,5
2. Paavo Paaso 156
3. Mikko Annala 138
4. Jukka Järvinen 138
5. Juha Keskinen 137
6. Jyrki Rantanen 123

Open (top 6/13)
1. Arto Niemi-Nikkola 191
2. Jarno Kirselä 169
3. Juha Jokinen 168
4. Martti Harjapää 163,5
5. Arttu Parviainen 159,5
6. Roger Karimus 151


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