Fergus Highland Games

As promised, here's Francis Brebner's report on the Fergus Highland Games.

Gregor Edmunds added another feather to his cap by winning the Fergus Highland Games. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Francis Brebner.
Gregor Edmunds added another feather to his cap by winning the Fergus Highland Games. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Francis Brebner.

The Fergus Highland Games by Francis Brebner

The Fergus Highland Games saw an awesome assembly of international athletes with Gregor Edmunds and Larry Brock fighting it out over the two-day championships in torrential rain.

Scotland's Gregor Edmunds, along with Steve Aitkin and Stephen King, were flying the flag for the country; for Canada it was Greg Hadley, Jason Johnston, Christoph Wand and Markus Wand; and from the USA, Ryan Vierra, Larry Brock, Sean Betz, and Harrison Bailey III.

In the opening event with the 25-lb. open stone, Gregor Edmunds, with a crushing putt of 41' 7", claimed the first win of the competition, leaving Sean Betz in second place with a throw of 37' 11" and Ryan Vierra just behind in third place at a distance of 37' 1".

All eyes again were on Edmunds in the 56-lb. weight for distance, and with a throw 42' 1", he snatched the win over Larry Brock, who had to settle for second place in his favoured event with a throw of 41' 3"; Jason Johnston was in third with 40' 1".

The 28-lb. weight for distance was an exciting event between the top three, with the win finally going to Larry Brock with an 80' 9" throw; Edmunds was in second with 78' 11" and Harrison Bailey in third with 76' 9".

In the 22-lb. hammer, it was a truly great battle between Scotland's former hammer world record holder Stephen King and Larry Brock, with the win eventually going to Brock with a 112' 7" throw; King took second place with 111' 2" and Edmunds third with 106' 8".

Again in the 16-lb. hammer, Brock took the win with a throw of 133', with King in second at 130' for the top two.

In the open caber, which was 24' 8" and 103 lb., it was the former world caber tossing champion King with two 12:00 tosses who claimed another victory, with Edmunds in second with one 12:00 toss, and Bailey in third spot with a 9:30 toss.

The 56-lb. weight for height was won by big Dave Brown on countback with a toss 16', with Canadians Jason Johnston and Christoph Wand tying for second place with 16' also.

Overall top three:

1. Gregor Edmunds
2. Larry Brock
3. Sean Betz and Harrison Bailey III (tie)

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