Feats With Hands 2004

If your hands aren't too worn out from a weekend of heavy training, all you grip guys should mark your calendars because Brian Carlton has just announced Feats With Hands 2004.

Feats With Hands 2003 was a big success, and Strong-arm Tactics 2004 was even bigger, so expect Blob Syndicate to continue the trend with its Feats With Hands 2004, a grip contest set for August 21 in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota.

Events are subject to change, but this is the schedule as it stands now: 1) grippers (maximum effort, three attempts); 2) IronMind® R-Ring Deadlift (one hand deadlift, maximum weight, three attempts); 3) IronMind® Apollon's Axle (maximum weight, double overhand grip, no hook, three attempts); 4) IronMind® Nail bending (maximum nail bend, three attempts); 5) Blob deadlift or farmer's walk (competitor's choice, one attempt).

For further details and to sign up, please email Brian Carlton: carlt005@umn.edu .

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