Feats With Hands

In early August we reported: "You don't need TV coverage and 5-figure purses to have a good time, and in the spirit of guys squaring off with some gripping challenges for fun, Blob Syndicate is holding the 2004 edition of its popular Feats With Hands contest."

Held this weekend, Feats With Hands proved the point by being a great contest.  Organizer Brian Carlton, who made t-shirts and plaques for the top three finishers, said, "Six competitors in all and it was a beautiful day to have an outdoor contest.  Sam McMahon won first place, Gordon Vizecky won second, and Matt Makousky won third.  Sam, Gordon, and Matt each closed a [Captains of Crush] #3 gripper during the competition.  The ring lift [IronMind® R-ring] event was fun.  Most were brand new to the exercise and I think that they liked it."

Hats off to Brian Carlton for organizing this event, and congratulations to Sam McMahon, Gordon Vizecky and Matt Makousky for their fine performances.

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