Favorites Lead at Britain's Strongest Man

The second day of the qualifying round of Britain's Strongest Man has just ended and the pre-competition favorites are upholding their end of the bargain.

Heavy rains marked the day and this morning's squat and deadlift were performed in what was described as "torrential rain."

At this point, the four heat leaders are Mark Felix, Terry Hollands, Mark Westaby and Darren Sadler, with Mark Westaby getting the nod for the standout performance so far, for knocking off 15 reps on the overhead safe lift (115 kg).

Westaby, who is 42 years old, stands about six feet five inches tall and reportedly weighs 27 stones (about 378 pounds). Westaby is a pig farmer from York, England and only has about four years of strongman training under his belt, so considering everything, it is little wonder that he is the talk of the contest.

Watch for details on the official World's Strongest Man website.

The action continues tomorrow.

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