FORTISSIMUS: Bulking Up for 2009

"The debriefing of FORTISSIMUS 2008 was almost as long as day two of the competition," Paul Ohl told IronMind®, and this is hardly an exaggeration - the meeting lasted five and a half hours, as the FORTISSIMUS Steering Committee, "reviewed all aspects of this year's event, made note of the comments of the competitors and from some experts in the field."

FORTISSIMUS will be back with a new name, new location, and more money in 2009. IronMind® | Logo courtesy of FORTISSIMUS WORLD STRENGTH.
FORTISSIMUS will be back with a new name, new location, and more money in 2009. IronMind® | Logo courtesy of FORTISSIMUS WORLD STRENGTH.

Here is the official statement:

"- FORTISSIMUS will be back in 2009;

"- The organization, whose full name will be FORTISSIMUS WORLD STRENGTH, has given itself an enlarged mandate which will include close cooperation with American, European and Australian strongman organizations, promotion efforts that will reach the world strength community and a more specific involvement within the Canadian territory;

"-FORTISSIMUS 2009 will be tailored to become the greatest challenge of strength ever and the winner will be recognized as THE STRONGEST MAN ON EARTH;

"- FORTISSIMUS 2009 will showcase ten events over two consecutive days. Although the core of the competition will remain untouched, 40% of this year's events will be reshaped or changed. The venue will be moved to a new location, the latter offering a hard and even surface.

"- FORTISSIMUS 2009 will invite 12 competitors along the following guidelines:

* Top 2 from FORTISSIMUS 2008 guaranteed;
* Top 2 from STRONGMAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE guaranteed;
* Top 2 from TWI WORLD's STRONGEST MAN guaranteed;"
* Top 2 from 2009 ARNOLD STRONGMAN CLASSIC guaranteed;
* Winner of 2008 AMERICA's STRONGEST MAN guaranteed;
* Top Canadian from FORTISSIMUS 2008 guaranteed;
* Two spots to be decided based on the athletes' 2009 track record;
* Two wild cards

"- FORTISSIMUS 2009 will increase the prize money by at least 20%.

"- FORTISSIMUS WORLD STRENGTH will remain a non-profit organization. As from August 1st, 2008, it will overseer FORTISSIMUS 2009, FORTISSIMUS CANADA, FORTISSIMUS MULTI MEDIA and FORTISSIMUS HALL OF FAME."

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