FORTISSIMUS 2008: "No Backing Down From the Original Concept"

In the wake of recent comments, the Fortissimus steering committee has released the followed statement, which IronMind® is publishing verbatim:

"FORTISSIMUS is very conscious of the fact that bridging the gap between schools of thoughts is not an easy task, yet it feels that it has met the challenge with the core of the events for the competition.

Since the launching of FORTISSIMUS in October 2007, its management has always been attentive to the opinions and suggestions of the world strength community. And it is proud of that.

FORTISSIMUS has received great support along with comments and a certain number of deserved critics from notables in the domain. We took immediate note of the sum.

To insure an even higher level of excellence, FORTISSIMUS has sought for additional advice from outside experts including TV strongman producing specialists. And, on top of such feedbacks, FORTISSIMUS has mostly benefited from the unique input of the 4-time World's Strongest Man, Iceland's own Magnus Ver Magnusson, the man who influenced the sport in many significant ways through the years.

FORTISSIMUS declares that, as a matter of principle, it will not discuss any issue concerning the concept, the format, the events, with any of its competitors.

FORTISSIMUS announces that the Steering Committee along with the events supervisor have come to a clear and unanimous decision after a thorough review of the events, one by one. Thus, all its competitors will be receiving the official list of events, as reviewed if so, Monday, March 17. That list will be final."

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