Extreme Power Presents the 2009 Swedish Rolling Thunder Championships

Tahvo Jauhojärvi, from Extreme Power, will be holding the 2009 Swedish Rolling Thunder Championships this Saturday, June 27, in Ockelbo, Sweden.

“There is a big and famous strongman contest with lot of spectators.  Everyone can enter between 2 and 4  p.m.,” Jauhojärvi told IronMind®.   “Everything is now ready.”

Also, Jauhojärvi said that he plans to make this an annual event, so jump on board now.

When asked by IronMind®, Tahvo Jauhojärvi explained a little about his unique background.

“I started my company in 2003.  I just had a corner in my living room with two suitcases of powerlifting gear at that time.

“The big thing for me now is my gym that I will open in two weeks.  It will be the first gym in Sweden only for competitors. There will be powerlifting, strongman training, armwrestling and so on.

“I have competed in benchpress since 1978.  I was on the Finnish Paralympic team in Atlanta.  I had a accident when I was 11 years, so I had to amputate one leg.  Now I am old (47), but still enjoy to compete in benchpress.  I have also been to Iceland and competed at World Strongest Disabled for six years in a row,” said Jauhojärvi.

For full details on the 2009 Swedish Rolling Thunder Championships, please check the announcement on the Extreme Power website.

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