European Weightlifting Federation Raises Questions about Drug Testing

The European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) has analyzed drug-testing data in the sport, and raised questions about how key selection and procedural decisions are made.

Presented to the highest levels of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and the European Weightlifting Federation, this report analyzes IWF drug testing data, which led to these questions (quoted from page 9 of the report):

1. Who decides on the anti-doping testing activity in the IWF?
2. Why is there such disparity between the various continents?
3. Why is HUNADO the only agency delegated to anti-doping testing?
4. Why are there more positive cases in Europe than in the other continents even though Europe wins less medals?  Perhaps because it is subject to more controls?
5. Why is it that the continents that pay a substantial part of the anti-doping tests carried out during the Continental Championships have no voice in the IWF anti-doping programmes?

Also noted with concern was a recent decrease in out-of-competition tests, reducing them to a level that EWF President Antonio Urso said has “scarce impact on the fight against doping in our sport.”

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