European Weightlifting Federation Congress: Dr. Tamas Ajan Says "Stop . . . Enough!"

Kiev, Ukraine – Addressing the Congress of the European Weightlifting Federation today, IWF President Dr. Tamas Ajan said "Stop . . . Enough!" when discussing the use of banned substances in the sport.

With fifteen years of stricter and stricter doping controls in weightlifting, and with the current rate of positive tests ranging from only one to two percent, Dr. Ajan said that he still is not satisfied and that he wants the sport to do even better.

To put some added pressure on everyone to be clean in Athens, Dr. Ajan said that the IWF Executive Board has initiated a new policy and any athlete who is positive at the upcoming Athens Olympics will not only receive all the existing penalties, but in addition, both the athlete and his or her federation will be ineligible to compete in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. 

Enlisting the help of everyone involved in the sport to continue its efforts to clean up completely, Dr. Ajan said, "We can do it together," and he noted that the consequences of a major drug scandal in Athens would put weightlifting at risk in terms of maintaining its position on the Olympic program.

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