European PL Championships...

When the dust had settled at the Men's European Powerlifting Championships, the team scores were reminiscent of a weightlifting contest: Russia and the Ukraine dominated the event. Champion of Champions was Jaroslaw Olech (Poland), whose victory in the 67.5 kg class included a world record squat of 305.5 kg, and a total of 745 kg. Dymtro Soloviov (Ukraine) benched a world record 227.5 kg on his way to winning the 82.5 kg class, with an 845-kg total. 60-kg lifter Wim Elyn (Belgium) was the only Western European competitor to win a class, totalling 647.5 kg. Maxim Gurianov (Russia) won the Supers with a 1015-kg total, and it was predicted that he would be capable of 1050+ by the IPF World Championships.

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