Escobar, Gordon and Hayworth Win In San Jose

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – Alexandra Escobar (ECU), Carissa Gordon (USA) and Cheryl Haworth (USA) won the women's weightlifting events last night at the Titan Games.

Escobar, a gold medalist in the clean and jerk at the 2001 World Weightlifting Championships, won the 53-kg category last night with a 90-kg snatch and a 105-kg total.  She cleaned 110 twice, only to miss the jerk both times.  Gordon, a bronze medalist in the jerk and total at the 2001 and 2002 Junior World Championships, won the 63-kg category via an 85-kg snatch and a 112.5-kg clean and jerk.

In the +75-kg category, Cheryl Haworth, 2000 Olympics bronze medalist, won with a 122.5-kg snatch and 147.5-clean and jerk.

Tonight's weightlifting features the men, including Shane Hamman, Oscar Chaplin and Pete Kelley lifting for the US.  Hamman is coming off a terrific fourth place finish in the snatch at the 2003 World Weightlifting Championships, and Chaplin won the gold medal in the jerk and in the total at the 2000 Junior World Championships.

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