Eric Frasure Wins Title and Breaks World Record at Portland Highland Games

Continuing his Highland Games hot streak, Eric Frasure broke the world record in the 56-lb. weight for distance at the Portland Highland Games, and Francis Breber has called the action for IronMind®.

Portland Highland Games by Francis Brebner

With an estimated crowd of 45,000 on hand, the Portland Highland Games witnessed some major record-breaking action this weekend by the young Eric Frasure: a new world record in the 56-lb. weight for distance, with an awesome throw of 49' 10", and a new field record in the 22-lb. hammer, with a throw of 123' 7".

The first event, the colossal Braemar 96-lb. open stone, which is putted any style from the shoulder, was won by Ryan Vierra with a throw of 16' 10"; Kerry Overfelt took second with 15' 8", and Andrew Hobson and Mike Pockoski tied for third with 15' 2".

In the 16-lb. open stone, McKim won with a notable throw of 53' 6"; Lucais MacKay took second with 50'4", and Frasure was just marginally ahead of Vierra and Pockoski for third place with 49' 10".

In the 56-lb weight for distance, Frasure was in a world of his own, sending the 56-lb. weight into orbit with a progression of throws as follows: 44' 2", 49' 3", 48' 7", 49' 10", 43' 1", and 44' 6", establishing a new world record of 49'10" (the implement officially weighed in at 56 lb. 6 oz.). In second place was Vierra with 44' 10", and in third was Harrison Bailey with 43' 9".

In the 28-lb. weight for distance, it was, however, Overfelt who claimed the win with 85' 10", with Frasure in second on 84' 2" and Bailey in third on 82' 4".

The 22-lb. heavy hammer was dominated by Frasure, with a world-class throw of 123' 7". In second place, it was a tie between Overfelt and McKim with 113' 6".

The 16-lb. hammer saw only Frasure going over 130', with a throw of 137' 10" for the win; Overfelt was second with 128' 6", and Harrison Bailey in third with 127' 4".

In the caber, which was 20' and 110 lb., it was Frasure with a 12:00 toss who won the event; Dan McKim was second with a 12:15 toss and Bailey was third with 12:30.

In the final event, the 56-lb. weight over the bar, it was Frasure and Bailey in a tie, at a height of 17' 6", which left Overfelt in third with 16' 6".

Frasure said he was very happy with his performances; he felt a bit beat up after the competition, but said that even though his 56-lb. for distance went well, he was surprised as he has only been training his 28-lb. weight for distance so far this season, which leads me to believe that young Frasure has got a lot more left in the tank to give in this event before the season is through. Eric was quick to also mention a great thanks to the organizers of the Portland Highland Games and the SAAA for putting together a great Games and field of athletes.

Daniel McKim was the only man able to turn the MacTarnahan's Challenge Caber (18' 11" and 120 lb.), hitting a 2:00 and a 1:00.

The overall results were:

1. Eric Frasure, 17 points
2. Ryan Vierra, 27 points
3. Kerry Overfelt, 28 points
4. Harrison Bailey, 33 points
5. Daniel McKim, 40 points
6. Mike Pockoski, 44 points
7. Lucais MacKay, 53 points
8. Andrew Hobson, 57 points
9. Greg Bell, 62 points
10. Lannie Pullon, 78 points

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