Elizabeth Horne Breaks Rolling Thunder World Record

Reporting from the Peter Horne Memorial Grip Contest, David Horne said, ". . . Weather's been awesome, and the day has been excellent!"

As part of today's festivities, both the men's and the women's world records in the Rolling Thunder® were under assault, the former by Laine Snook and the latter by Elizabeth Horne. Laine "got 125.5 kg off the floor, but his back was too bad, and he couldn't straighten up. It's definitely there another day," David Horne told IronMind®. And on the women's side, hats off to Elizabeth Horne who brought home the bacon, lifting a new world record of 65.5 kg.

Sounds like a terrific tribute to David's dad, Peter Horne, and a great time for all.

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