Ed Coan: The King is Growing...

Ed Coan, edging toward a win, a payday and another piece of powerlifting history, says he will be coming into the Mountaineer Cup II weighing about 249. "I will be real strong at that bodyweight," Coan said. "I will be pretty healthy, so look out." Coan is coming off an injury that occurred during a huge misload last December, but true to his word then, he's coming back for another shot at the historic 2500-pound total in June, at the Mountaineer Cup II Heavyweight Powerlifting Championship, which is being run in conjunction with the USPF Nationals.

Coan said, "The leg is doing well. I finally had the scar tissue from the injury break up...it is a little tender right now but I think will be ok. The bench press and the deadlift are looking exceptional."

"Exceptional" is a fairly mild adjective when describing Ed Coan as a powerlifter, and hitting his target of a 2500-pound total will not only cap an incredible career, but it also will relegate "exceptional" to the category of a warm-up.

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