Ed Coan: "I'll be back"

Ed Coan, who blew out his right patella tendon at the Mountaineer Cup this past weekend, has gone through surgery and he told told IronMind that he is already planning his workout for tomorrow.

Coan is being philosophical about the injury and maintaining his sense of humor, saying, "At least it gives me a chance to work on my bench press."

And not content to just sit around, Coan plans to train tomorrow, doing benches, triceps work and hitting his good leg. 

Coan sustained the injury on his second attempt in the squat, 970 pounds, and he said when the tendon went, the sound was so loud that he thought he'd broken his leg. Even if it left some other lifters in tears, Coan seems unfazed by the injury: "I'll be back before anybody knows it—I guarantee it," he said.

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