Douglas Edmunds: Follow-Up Statement Regarding IFSA

IFSA's Dr. Douglas Edmunds has issued a statement following IronMind®'s report yesterday, and here it is, verbatim and in its entirety.

"I do not agree with the negative aspects of Randy Strossen's report. Without doubt IFSA is the mother federation of the entire strongman sport and is by far, the market leader. IFSA is also the only organisation that is supported by an extensive, multi-national fedration structure which also incorporates the development of a 105Kg class and a strongwoman division.

"The splinter groups consist mainly of athletes who cannot find a place at the top table. Witness the awe inspiring standards achieved at the IFSA world championship in Quebec by the world's elite athletes. Whereas most of the athletes competing in the TWI championship in China have never reached any prominence even in their National tournaments. Some have referred to the TWI competition as a childrens picnic compared to the real deal in Quebec.

"IFSA has the support of all the elite athletes and the leading technical experts who alone are capable of driving the sport to a new level and the athletes receive rewards commensurate with a genuine international sport.

"I believe the leadership role IFSA should work towards is consolidating all splinter groups so that there is a clear pathway to becoming the genuine world champion for any aspiring athlete and the sport is not degraded by lack of expertise and standards."

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