Don't Dismiss Danielyan...

As the Olympics draw nearer, speculation about who is going to win what is increasing, and in the glamour class, the superheavyweights, everyone has a favorite. Not to be overlooked in the land of the giants is Armenia's Ashot Danielyan, whose stock took a beating when he bombed at the 1999 Worlds. For anyone who was surprised by Danielyan's winning 205/252.5 at the 2000 Europeans, consider that coming into the competition, his recent best training lifts included a 220 snatch from blocks, a 280 jerk from the rack, and a 257.5 clean and jerk. Danielyan really started to attract attention when he hit 190/235 at the 1998 Europeans, but then he bombed at that year's Worlds. Following the same pattern, he posted 202.5/245 at the 1999 Europeans, but then bombed at the Worlds. If he can break this cycle, and maintain his overall trajectory, watch out for him in Sydney.

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