Dimas: Olympic Hat Trick

(Sydney) Playing to a house packed with his fans, Pyrros Dimas (GRE) became the second person in history to win three Olympic gold medals in weightlifting.

Even if things did not go according to the script, the 85-kg class ended as closely as had been predicted, as only bodyweight separated the three medallists. Time ran out for Dimas on his first attempt in the snatch, and when he missed his second attempt, with 175 kg, things looked grim for the defending Olympic champion, but his third attempt was a roaring success. Marc Huster (GER) had made 172.5 on his opener, missed 177.5 on his second, and then made it on his third. George Asanidze (GEO) led after the snatch, with 180.

Huster made all three of his jerks: 205, 210 and 212.5, for a 390 total. Dimas and Asanidze both opened with good lifts at 210, and then Dimas went on to make 215 on his second attempt. Asanidze tried 215 twice, in a bid for the gold, but it wasn't to be, leaving him with the bronze medal, and Huster with the silver medal.

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