Diesel Crew: Global Grip Challenge, Kumite Classic

"The Global Grip Challenge is once again upon us," the Diesel Crew told IronMind®.

"The 2006 installment should be bigger and better than ever! The grip athletes will be chasing world records in the three of the five events - Two-Hand Pinch, Vertical Bar and Rolling Thunder. A Blob load and Gripper event will round out the five."

This contest is being held at Richard Sorin's facility in Irmo, South Carolina on June 24 and while it is not being billed as a world championships, it promises to draw some of the strongest-handed guys around, and the contest itself is part of a larger day of guys getting together and having a good time at Richard's place.

Besides running this contest, the Diesel Crew - aka Jim Smith and Jedd Johnson - have been busy bringing grip training to other parts of the strength world. Jedd Johnson told IronMind®, "This weekend, we are headed to Pittsburgh, PA for the Kumite Classic. We will be hosting our World Series of Grip, featuring the Inch [dumbbell], the Blob, York 45 hub, and your [Captains of Crush®] Grippers." For details on this and other Diesel Crew developments, please check the Diesel Crew website.

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