Diamonds in Dubai...

Matching the drama of AFSA's World Full Strength Challenge in Dubai, winner Flemming Rasmussen was given a diamond weighing over two carats and estimated to be worth in excess of US$10,000 as his prize, in addition to his appearance money.

One of today's events that had sparked the most interest was the repetition squat with 200 kg of gold. AFSA president Manfred Hoeberl said, "Because the gold was sealed in a container, which weighed another 110 kg, they had 310 kg to squat...They had a round bar that was five inches in was like a pipe. Riku Kiri squatted it four times-he won that. Kiri for squatting the most reps got 100 grams in gold." Hoeberl summarized his immediate reaction to the event by saying, "I think it was the best thing that was ever produced-generally I'm very happy. It was a good start of the whole series of Full Strength Challenges."

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