Derek Poundstone Calls for a Meeting at Fortissimus 2009: "I Challenge Mariusz and Zydrunas" . . . Total Prize Money is US$107,500

"Today, I announce officially that I will be competing at FORTISSIMUS 2009," said the defending champion, Derek Poundstone.

"I challenge the best in the world. That includes first and foremost Mr. Mariusz Pudzianowski . . . and Zydrunas Savickas," referring to the current World's Strongest Man winner and the overall Strongman Champions League winner, respectively.

FORTISSIMUS president Paul Ohl says that this contest "is meant to challenge the best of the best," and while the official release of the 2009 events will be on February 25, compared to last year, "two events are withdrawn, five events are modified, three events remain unchanged and two new events are introduced." Also, Ohl said that FORTISSIMUS 2009 "will be presented in partnership with the Strongman Champions League, and in cooperation with the Professional League of Extreme Strength of Russia and the American Strongman Corporation. Marc Lauzon (Canada) was named as "supervisor of the competition," and Marcel Mostert and Ilkka Kinnunen will be the referees.

Also announced officially is the total prize of US$107,500 (US$25,000 for the winner), and Strongman Champions League announced that between its organization and FORTISSIMUS's, it "will ensure that the worldwide broadcasting of this event will be the biggest so far in the existence of FORTISSIMUS."

Marcel Catellier, Commisioner General of the Regional Community of Montmagny, Chairman of the Board of FORTISSIMUS, said, "In 2008, we have witnessed a near-miracle. It happened in a small village named Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire . . . Over one weekend, the dream had come true and FORTISSIMUS had made a name for itself."

And now the stage has been set for the 2009 edition of FORTISSIMUS. More details will follow, but for now, mark your calendar and plan to be in Montmagny, Quebec June 27 - 28.

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