Day Four at the All Nations

Team Ukraine faced off with Team Poland today in the fourth day of competition at the All Nations strongman competition.

Dione Wessels calls the action for us: "This morning Day 4 started off with Team Ukraine and Team Poland. Team Ukraine defeats Team Poland in the Island Stones, completing 5 stones in a time of 126.83 over the Team Poland's 4 stones in a time of 122.12.

The second event was the three man log lift with team Poland completing 10 reps, and Team Ukraine completing just enough to win finishing with 11 reps. Team Ukraine's repetitions appeared as though they were demonstrating a log lift clinic! They were totally flawless.

The third event of the day was the wt. for ht. Team Poland fails on one of the second attempts, which gives them only 4 more tries. They finish with 4 implements (86 pounds) in a time of 116.40 secs. Team Ukraine has flawless throws, and a quick time and wins their third event with a time of 4 implements in 41.05 secs. Team Ukraine takes the win again winning three to Poland's zero.

The fourth event is the All Strength Stone Walk. Team Poland finishes with an amazing distance of 378'6" to Team Ukraine's distance of 227'6". Team Poland takes the win in this event.

The fifth event is the strongman wrestling Team Poland wins the first match of three, then Ukraine, then Team Poland wins the best of two out of three for their second win in this tournament.

The sixth event is the Pole Push, and Team Ukraine uses great force to push Team Poland out of the circle. On the second push, it is a draw since Team Poland snatches pulls the implement forcing Team Ukraine to fall. On the next Pole Push, Team Ukraine again pushes Team Poland out of the circle for the win.

The seventh event is the 4 Man Sudan Walk. Team Poland goes out and finishes the event in 50.33 seconds, but Team Ukraine finishes the event in 49.94 seconds and with two drops. Team Ukraine takes the win over Poland.

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