David Horne’s Grip Encyclopedia: Gripopaedia

Last November, this column announced an ambitious project launched by David Horne: he was writing a grip encyclopedia intended to “cover everything you can imagine related to grip,” and he had just released the first of what was envisioned to be about a 12-volume project.

Volume 2 came out in late December and Volume 3 came out earlier this month. 

Horne combines his perspective as a historian and a competitor who also designs equipment to give a multi-faceted presentation of the topics covered—including much practical advice, with photos illustrating how-to points and training routines showing you how to get from point a to point b.

Volume 1 covered topics beginning with the letter A; Volume 2 covers B; Volume 3 covers C and D.  Horne said that he expects Volume 4 (E, F, G) to be available in July.

“Eventually we intend to publish a hard copy of all the volumes in one very special book,” said Horne, and for those who can’t wait, David Horne’s grip encyclopedia is currently available as a PDF, Gripopaedia.


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