David Horne’s 5th World’s Strongest Hands

Rob Blair pulled 286 kg on the Meat Hook Deadlift, one of the three overall world records set at the 2015 World’s Strongest Hands contest. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of David Horne

Long time grip student, competitor and promoter David Horne organized (and competed in) the 5th edition of his World’s Strongest Hands competition over the weekend.

“We had six venues in five countries involved this time (England, USA, Finland, Norway and Russia), and a total of 43 competitors. Events this year were the Meat Hook Deadlift, Two Hands Pinch Lift, Pickaxe Lever to Rear Lift and the Stub Hold. Also a standalone event was run, holding a 78k Inch dumbbell aloft for time, whilst an empty Coke can sits on top of each globe. World of Grip medals will now be sent to all the top 3 competitors:


Open Class

1. David Horne (GB) 

2. Henri Sonninen (Fin) 

3. Anton Kladiev (Rus)

105k+ Class

1. David Horne (GB) 

2. Henri Sonninen (Fin) 

3. Steve Gardener (Eng)

105k Class
1. Anton Kladiev (Rus) 

2. Eirik Bruun Ingebretsen (Nor) 

3. Dave Thornton (USA) 

83k Class
1. Rob Blair (Eng) 

2. Fenne Muhonen (Fin)

3. Dmitriy Osipov (Rus)

66k class
1. Fitsz Dubova (Kos) 

2. Jerome Bloom (Eng) 

3. Paul Bloom (Eng)


72k+ Class
1. Elizabeth Horne (Eng) 

2. Merete Skjelvik (Nor)

72k Class
1. Mayyah Shalchi (Eng)

2. Sunniva Nordskog (Nor) 

3. Inger Lise Bye (Nor)
“Three overall world records along with many bodyweight class records got broken over the weekend. The huge 286.19k Meat Hook Deadlift by Rob Blair (who also won the 83k class) was a particular favourite for me to see.
“Steve Gardener’s 24 second hold with the 78k Inch dumbbell (whilst an empty Coke can sits on top of each globe) took the record off the giant Riku Karu of Estonia. My 11k  Pickaxe Lever to Rear Lift pleased me greatly, as it is my arms, wrists and bodybuilding that I have been concentrating on most recently, and this showed it was working perfectly. It’s been a very busy period recently with my book Gripopaedia being launched, then the World’s Strongest Hands contest and next on Saturday is the British Armwrestling Champs. It would be superb for this old man to win it again, but maybe a podium spot is more realistic!,” said Horne.

For full results, please follow this link.


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