David Horne Wins the Third Leg of the World’s Strongest Hands Contest

Continuing his dominance of the World’s Strongest Hands contest, David Horne won the third leg of the multi-stage grip strength competition yesterday.

“I had a blast, and was very pleased to win. I have trained so hard for this WSH comp, basically daily grip sessions for what seems an eternity.  I always can handle volume for my hands and wrists, and have always thrived off it in the past.
“Overall we had another 11 competitors this leg, so that’s 85 in total,” David Horne said.

Overall results (49 competitors:

1. David Horne 4.5
2. Nick McKinless 8.5
3. Steve Gardener 9.5
4. Jedd Johnson 16.0
5. David Thornton 18.5
6. Aaron Corcorran 19.5
7. Andrew Durniat 21.5
8. Jouni Parkarinen 29.5
9. Tim Struse 30.5
10. Stew Killick


Among the women (5 competitors), Elizabeth Horne won with 3 points.  Mary Anne McKeague was second (7 points) and Kathi Burger was third (10 points).

Cumulative Points After Three Legs:

1. David Horne 520.00
2. Steve Gardener 344.00
3. Nick McKinless 228.00
4. Aaron Corcorran 156.00
5. Jedd Johnson 49.50
6. David Thornton 45.00
7. Paul Knight 27.00
8. Tim Struse 11.50
9. Jouni Parkinen 11.25
10. Stew Killick 10.75

Organized by David Horne's World of Grip, the contest used three events to test the competitors' grip strength: David Horne's two-hands pinch grip, wrist developer and adjustable gripper.
One leg remains.


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